Your Councillors

Each Councillor has their own unique email address that you can use to contact them regarding Council business. Please be aware that emails sent using these addresses are first relayed via the Clerk’s office and then are forwarded to only the individual Councillor concerned. Please mark emails PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL if this is a sensitive matter that you wish to keep private. However any matter that you bring to the attention of an individual Councillor cannot be actioned without the Clerk’s office and the Council being informed. Councillors are not authorised to act independently of the Council.  Councillors Took, Allen and Prime have their personal emails available.  To access these, click on the second envelope icon.

If you would like to contact the Council as a whole, please send your email to [email protected] and request that the Council is sent your message for consideration. If you wish to speak to a Councillor on a personal matter, i.e. not Council business, you would need to contact them directly using other means, this is not a suitable platform for personal messages. Thank you

Peter Dutton

Community Centre Working Group Chair

Highways Working Group Chair

David Wollweber
Vice Chair

Communications Committee Chair

David Thomas
Anne Fleming
Keith Forster


Rosemary Lewis

Finance & Personnel Committee Chair

Tony Allen
Karen Prime

CCTV Working Group Chair

Keith Greenberg

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Chair

Planning Committee Group Chair

Community Infrastructure Working Group Chair

Maureen Took
Paul Widdowson
Jill Reece

Please click on the document below to view the Committees and local outside bodies each Councillor is a member of.

Council Reps and Committees